Overload Guitars series

Here is the list of the guitar shapes and models created by Overload Guitars.

Each model is of course customizable with different finishing, pickups, colors, hardware and woods.

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Voici la liste des modèles et formes de guitares proposées par Overload Guitars.

Chaque modèle est bien évidement customisable en intégralité (finitions, couleurs, hardware, électronique et bois),

voir la liste des options.


From 2099 €

Designed with a perfect combination of woods for having the best balance between low, medium and high tones. Usually built with neck-thru-body to define the character and to give great stability and sustain.

Available in 6/7/8 strings, fixed or floating bridge, range of top-class pickups. See our list of options.


From 2099 €

An aggressive and comfortable shape are the mainstay of this model. A thin neck and a great hardware give you a high playability.

Available with 6/7 or 8 strings with fixed or floating bridge and top class pickups. See our list of options.


From 2169 €

Designed to produce the best sound response with the lowest weight. The ergonomic design gives the ultimate in comfort and playability.

See our list of options.


From 2049 €

A perfect instrument for those who want to go fast.

Neck-thru body, strings-thru body and a bridge pickup are all that you need !

Floating bridge and neck pickup optionnal. See our list of options.